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Colorcom is a color consultation agency headed by Jill Morton, the author of the Color Matters web site.

Marketing research indicates that over 80% of visual information is related to color. In other words, color conveys information. It identifies a product or a company, as well as the quality of the merchandise and much more. The right color is indeed worth a thousand words - and the wrong color can be a costly mistake.

Colorcom's staff are experts in color psychology and brand identity. Color consultation is available in a wide range of areas: products, packaging, logos, corporate image, web and user interface design, architecture, and interior design. Their projects are as diverse as our clients—and their fees are affordable.

They also bring color directly to you with their seminars, keynote speeches, workshops, and publications.

Colorcom works with the most up-to-date and the most scientific data about color. Because color is  such a subliminally persuasive force, several approaches are used to determine the most successful colors for any project .

1.  Colorcom pinpoints the colors that convey your message based on color psychology. Furthermore, this can also be based on the demographics of the people you want to reach. 

2. Colorcom develops harmonious and innovative color combinations -  colors that work in sync with each other as well as color combinations that are so unusual that they create that "wow" factor.

3. The visual effects of the colors is also a focus. As a scientific component of vision, color immediately affects the mechanisms of the human eye. Some colors pop out, others recede.

 Explore the possibilities at the Colorcom web site.


An online course from color psychologist and branding expert Jill Morton.

The Psychology of Color Symbolism

The most comprehensive and objective online course about color symbolism


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