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Color Professor Jill Morton welcomes you to the world of color.

Jill Morton

A brief bio

Before the arrival of the World Wide Web, I served as faculty at the University of Hawaii, Chaminade University and Matsuda Technology Center. Today, I teach color theory at the School of Architecture, University of Hawaii and I present seminars about color and marketing, color theory and everything that color impacts.

The primary focus of my work since 1988 is color psychology. As a branding expert, I've provided color consultation for a vast array of projects - for clients such as Tylenol, Nokia Mobile Phones, Eastman Kodak and Dow Chemical. Please visit my business web site, Colorcom, for more information.

Most recently, I'm creating online courses about color. My first course- "Organic Color Symbolism" lets you learn about the pure, unadulterated symbolism of colors as they exist in nature. It's a self-directed course that you can take at your own pace - or complete it in 2 hours.  "The Psychology of Color Symbolism" gives you a complete background in the most profound effects of color on the mind and behavior.

I've also written and published a series of eBooks about color entitled Color Voodoo. They're the sum total of every color course I've ever taught and all the research I've conducted.

The Color Matters web site is a continuation of my teaching and my passion for color.

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About Jill ... from another color consultant

I think of Jill as one of the pioneers who put good, credible color information and insights out there on the www. I read it and I believe, I feel, that her color knowledge and expertise is coming from an authentic place. Experience and study has always reached thru from her site, and now her blog, and got my attention - and respect.

Jill was one of the first.  Four or five years ago there was nothing popping up in the search engines, I remember finding Color Matters and it was one of the very few.

Bona fide color experts are hard to come by – there are so many poseurs.  I think color world, the way we think about coloring our environments, is at a crossroads.  I’ve felt for the last few years that we’re coming into a New Age of Color.  Good color information has been bastardized, and diluted and in some cases dulled down so far that it doesn’t even make proper sense.  Some of those folks responsible are just after the sound bites involving color and flashy pictorials to go with to entice readership.  The sound bites are there, the pretty pictures are there, but there’s no substance.  You’re fine if you just look at the pictures, but if you read the words, don’t expect much. 

I think it’s a critical time for color. There is a critical shift in how color designers who are committed to their craft are wanting to color.  They want to color smart, they want to design with color for all the right reasons. The jig is up on the dribbling nonsense from self-proclaimed “color experts”.


Color Consultation

Colors for printer equipment

Capsule colors -"Extra Strength Rapid Release" Gel

Dow Chemical
Product color design (electronic inks): Aveso

Panel of Color Experts - "Color Sense"

Nokia Mobile Phones - Tampere, Finland
User -interface color design for the 9210 Communicator

Eastman Kodak
Color consultation

For more information, see my Portfolio.

Interior Design & Architecture

The Historical Restoration of Ewa Plantation Villages, Hawaii
(See Historical Color Matters)

Koko Isle Condominium Community


M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) - University of Hawaii

Undergraduate Degrees: Mary Baldwin College and University of California, Santa Barbara


Interviews about color matters are thought provoking. Here's a partial list of some recent publications that quote me or portions of this web site.
Color My World

The Art Institute Magazine, January 2011
Color Theory Influences Design

Inc. Magazine, October 2010
"How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Brand"

USA Today – December 8, 2008
More holiday shoppers are buying gifts based on color

The New York Times, "Angling for the Edge in Tennis? Wear Red" Style E9

The Washington Post, "Orange Redeemed"

For more information, see the Pressroom.


Online Course - Learn the language of color . Find out more here.

Recent Seminars

Color Academy for Xerox (Vienna, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland) 2011

"Colour Everywhere" - for A.F. Smith, Bermuda, 2010

Seminar topics:  Color Psychology, Color and Marketing, Color Design Theory, Color Symbolism, or any color-related topic for target industries. For more information, click here.


Color Voodoo
Since 1998, I've written 10 eBooks about Color. See the entire collection -  Color Design eBooks

White Papers
"The Multi-Dimensional Effects of Color on the World Wide Web" (by Jill Morton) was presented at the Congress of the International Color Association, Rochester 2001


Color Matters & Art
A portfolio of  artwork


ISCC (Inter-Society Color Council)
AIC Study Group on Environmental Design


Photographing exotic Hawaiian flowers and fruits (like the pitahaya)

Wish List (things I hope to do someday):
Learn to surf
See the Northern Lights

Favorite Quote:
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Heb. 11:1)

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