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What is the color of our humanity? What is the color of peace?  During the past decade on the Internet, I’ve realized that color is an experience that we all share regardless of politics, religion, geography, age, etc. Over 6 billion people are on the planet – and we are all immersed in a color soaked world.

 As an American, I feel that we have not made sufficient efforts to reach out to the Muslim world. Therefore, I volunteered to conduct color workshops in Pakistan and use color as the basis for interaction and hopefully building some bridges.

During February and March, 2009, I served as a visiting professor in the School of Visual Arts at Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan. These pages reflect many of the colorful experiences and the warmth of the wonderful people of Pakistan.

Jill Morton

New Video: Color Matters in Pakistan - February 2013

Color Matters in Pakistan Video


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Pakistan - Colors
Pakistan - Color Symbolism
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Pakistan - History
The Colors of Culture & History
Pakistan-Politics & Art
The Colors of Political Protest
Teachers and Students alt
Pakistan - Faces
Students and Teachers
Pakistan - Tarogil
The Colors of Tarogil Village

Letters to America

Pakistan - Letters
"Letters to America" written by students

Global Color Database - Color Symbolism

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