The Use of Green in Movies and Books
Great Expectations (Dickents) and Dubliners (Joyce)

The Effects of Green on Taste and the Body

The Use of Green in Movies and Books

Great Expectations (Dickents)

I recently saw the new movie version of the Dickens' classic novel Great Expectations. The one thing that stood out in my mind after seeing this film was the overwhelming use of green. Everything in this movie seemed to be green, the clothing, the buildings, the decor, everything. I found myself contemplating why the director used the color green, what did it have to do with the story, why in the world green? I did a little research and found the green is a symbol of fertility and that it has recently come to be associated with state of heightened sexuality(sex was ever-present in the movie). Green, is also said to have great healing powers. Learning all these things gave a little deeper meaning to the film. It was at this point that I found out the reason that the director used the color green so much in his movie was that Green is his favorite color. The movie has no meaning to me any more. Gail

Green, as we all know, represents fertility and is also the dominant color of nature. What is also natural (emotionally) but less obvious is that green is also an extremely calming color. Green is the peaceful color of the color wheel, and represents tranquility.

Gail, what a disappointment to think the director was being brilliant in using a relationship with color to the movie plot, then not really. However, your research seems to have paid off. In addition to the healing powers of green (like many colors) it is thought to relate specifically to the throat and vocal cords. Also, if you're looking for a movie with relationship between color , emotion, and plot you might want to try a Peter Greenaway film (i.e.: The Cook, the Thief, the Wife and Her Lover). Happy viewing.

DMcCoy, Green? ....."it is thought to relate specifically to the throat and vocal cords: ... Who thought that? Hmmm, say DMc, where did that come from? Why would green be associated with those organs? I peeked in a chromo-homo-sapien book I have, but it didn't say 'green'. So the Greenway film is good? Do they have it at Blockbuster? or is it hard to find a copy? :-) Mac

Mac,Sorry, don't think you'll find a Greenaway film cataloged in Blockbuster's inventory. But, I could be wrong. Sometimes I'm a little green on these topics, but I try. Re: resouce on throat and vocal, Antonio Torrice's study on children's early development/relationships to color. Kinda cool. David.


Dubliners (Joyce)

Question :
I recall someone saying once that the color green in the Dubliners referred to homosexuality in some way. Does anyone recall this or have any information on an associate with the color green and homosexuality? Lee

Amber Bravo:
It is a possibility that the symbolism of green was misinterpreted and lead someone to believe that green symbolized homosexuality. I believe the story, "The Encounter" might have been the reason. Two young boys meet a man who is described with a lot of green imagery. He is a pederast. It is implied that he performs a rather disturbing act in front of the boys, and maybe that is why someone told you it symbolized homosexuality. However green is used throughout the Dubliners and I believe that it symbolizes the decay of society and piety in Dublin during this time period.



The effects of green on taste and the body

Green is a very good color around food except sweets. People will alway underrate sweets in the presence of green unless it has a mint or lime flavor. If you frost cup cakes with various colors, green will be the last chosen, unless you have some frosted blue and those one will be the very last chosen. Meat in grocery or butcher stores is almost always surrounded with green because of the afterimage. The redness of the meat will look more intense which we associate with being fresh, and bacterial free. Using the afterimage of green (red) is used in many other industries such as hospitals (surgical green gowns). Green, especially in plants, is very good in kindergarten and elementary classrooms. Green tends to make humans feel secure and nurtured; it is good color in stressful away-from-home situations. Green yellow that is low on the value scale is not a good color in situations where motion sickness can occur because of association. Boat, rail, and air food industries are very careful about using this color around food. Also, you will not (or should not) see this color in the interiors of passenger trains, planes and boats. Hope this helps! Elizabeth


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