Does the color yellow matter?

Yellow and Emotions

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Yellow in American Horror and Science Fiction

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Does the color yellow matter?

I want to use the color yellow in my marketing Point-of-sale materials. Is there any statistical information regarding the effects of the color yellow?

You should look into the Luscher Color works. He was a Swiss psycologist who came up with theories about peoples' responses to color. This was done in the late 1940s, and is fairly standard research for marketers in Western (developed, industrial) countries that share a cultural heritage (a key thing to remember is that reaction to color is, like most everything, culturally specific). How and whether to use yellow rather than another color depends upon what you're selling, who you're selling it to, and where it's going to be placed. Yellow is certainly visible and stands out in a crowd. If you could post more specific info I could be more specific. Otherwise, you might want to check out an older but still valuable book called "Selling to People With Color" or somethign like that, by Faber Birren who was an expert on color and often advised marketers. The book I'm thinking of was written in the 1950s but is stillreferred to by people who need color marketing info.

well, i believe the color yellow does matter. i went to a school once where the staircases were painted yellow to prevent people from hanging out on the stairs. [it presented a fire hazard]. So, the stairways were banana yellow, and no one hung out there. Look into the brillant color in a blazing yellow-orangy fireplace or bonfire and ask them if it emotes a feeling of relaxation or... something a bit more 'lively'.

Not that I am an expert but I worked in an art gallery for two years and learned that yellow is a color for anger and agression. Not suprising that our new director's first action was to paint his office yellow.

Janet, Now....that's a quizzical posting you have there. Will you help me with it? In your post, you mention "that yellow is a color for anger and aggression." What does it mean, when one says "it's a color For...." Does it mean that the color (in this case Yellow) "Inspires" the feeling of..(in this case anger)? If so, does your director/boss sit in his bright yellow office and emit anger and act aggressive? Does he ever wear out from staring at all that yellow? You might want to consider the following.... If he 'chose' his wall color - I doubt that he intended to have the color reflect or amplify his anger or to further the feeling he gets from the things which upset him. His yellow walls may instead be predicated upon what he needed - to compensate for the 'stuff' that has made him upset, angry, and aggressive. What does his wall color mean to me given the picture you've painted? It means something is frustrating him significantly (just my guess) and that in as much as he may display anger... he really would like to get the heck out, get away, go to a south sea island, get a new job or position that has SOME hope, some future, something he can smile and be happy about. And everytime he sits in his office, he might feel that 'urge' to be in a place that offers something more hopeful than his present circumstance does. * * * Yellow is not 'a color for' anger, per se; not anymore or less than Red or Blue or Purple and Green Polka dots are. Any thoughts on this? Regards, Mac

Yellow and Emotions

I need help finding what emotions or feelings are given by the color yellow. Help would be appreiciated. Chris Banach :

As an interior designer, I find that a pastel yellow, especially when teamed with cream colours, makes a room appear innocent and glowing. On the other hand, bright yellow, when paired with stark white reminds me of a day at the beach. Overall, whatever the shade, yellow in combibation with white or cream is a very positive colour ininterior design. Clients always enjoy yellow rooms.

Paky :
It depends on the type of yellow. some shades are too vibrant, too aggressive. you can agitate a person without meaning to by wearing, say, canary-colored clothes.

Yellow Rooms

At impressionist painter Claude Monet's house, the kitchen was predominantly a vived yellow: cupboards, chairs, almost everything. From pictures you can't tell how loud it all feels, but in person,you can't imagine how somebody could face it every morning, or, rather, you could see how it would wake you up fast.

Tony Jack Howard
Have you read Charlotte Perkins Gilman's famous short story, "The Yellow Wall-Paper"? Gilman creates a protagonist whose physician/husband treats her "nervous disorder" by confining her to a room papered in yellow which she describes as follows: "The color is repellent, almost revolting; a smouldering unclean yellow, strangely faded by the slow-turning sunlight. It is a dull yet lurid orange in some places, a sickly sulphur tint in others." As the story continues, the yellow wallpaper slowly drives the protagonist crazy. Give it a read and see what you think. My guess is no one will want to paint his or her bedroom yellow again. ;-)

R. Holbert
Do you know the story is of Gilman's life? The fact that she was depressed and that she commited suicide? If you haven't read "The Yellow Wall Paper" i highly suggest you do. It is an increadable story. I think the way Gilman describes the grotesque yellow wall paper is actually her way of describing the character's (or possibly her own) life. It is an excellent story and really gets to you right where it matters.

Yellow in American Horror and Science Fiction

I'm doing a paper on the importance of yellow in american horror fiction. it keeps popping up in story after novel after story and it's always a bad thing. Can domeone explain?? Kate

Not exactly, but here's a couple of things to ponder: Yellow is a color that's not natural to the human body and its appearence bodes ill, literally. Jaundice, yellow fever, etc. Yellow is also the color of quarantine and the color traditionally used to portray the treacherous disciple Judas. I've also heard it proposed that the yellow eyes (set on black) of big cats -- panthers, etc.-- is a deep-seated terror provoker in humans. Some sort of genetically encoded sign of danger. Maybe it's sometimes being used for deliberate contrast. Yellow is generally a happy, joyful color, so maybe using it as a chromatic ghoul is meant as counterpoint or some sort. This may be complete bunk, but it'll get the instructor's attention and probably up your grade a couple of notches. Go for it!


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