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What color is mocado?

What does pink mean?

What color is mocado?

Does anyone know what color mocado is? Can anyonoe give me a description of it? I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but I think thats close.

Mockado (mocaiardo, mocaiarro) is the fabric of camel or goat hair, yes Mohair....a fabric made in the 16th and17th cent's. Implied color would be the tan or light brown of mohair. Sounds like an adaptation from a clothes catalogue like J. Crew. As a color no reference I have, including the british color society cannonical listing from the1940's has such a color name listed.


I'm a student from the art academy Utrecht in Holland. I'am writing a paper on the colour "pink". I'm a student graphic desiger and I would now how other graphic desigers use the colour pink. What means the colour pink in * different cultures * in religion * psycologie Thank you for helping! Ester

Ester, Check out the rersearch by two guys called Baker & Miller on pink and reducing aggressive behaviour. Baker Miller pink is now used in police stations/prisons to calm down disruptive behaviour. Also check out Iowa university football team who for nearly two years won every home game... why? visiting team's locker rooms were decorated a lovely shade of pink. Pink causes the brain to release a chemical which in turn blocks the strength hormones. Good luck with your paper. Mark

Jill Morton - Color Matters
The "Baker Miller Pink " study  you cited was proven wrong by subsequent studies. For more information, see Drunk Tank Pink

Go to Amazon.com and find Luscher's 'new' book on the Colors of Love. He has some cute little pinks in there for you to see. He won't say much about the graphic designer stuff - but his words might inspire you to grasp a fuller understanding of what Pink is all about. Skip all of the culture, religion, fad stuff. It will fade in time anyway and faded pink, just isn't very dazzling. :-)

Engrg :
Pink, psychologically is (in part): An energy which is moved into a limitless freedom, it is liberated energy. It is exciting and in ways even has elements of being seductively charming. It can be light-hearted. It is enticement without commitment, an enticement which lacks innocence. Pink affects the system in specific ways. From research data at the Lyons Institute, it (allegedly) will decrease the muscle 'strength' of a person if it when gazed at .


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